Repairs Management

Because It Won’t Fix Itself !

Keeping track of your repairs can often prove to be challenging, not with ETickets. Now managing repairs among all your clients and facilities is a breeze. You can use ETickets to:


  • Manage all of your repairs with an attractive, powerful tool that is tailored to fit your work style. Each incident report can be used to generate a work order to be sent to the proper service provider, saving you time and energy.
  • Stay up to date on the status of all of your repairs. The web-based application is automatically updated each time a change is made and immediately displayed on all platforms. This keeps you in know, whether on your PC or your mobile device.
  • Account for all of your repairs and precisely determine their financial impact. Know exactly how much this is going cost you and keep all your invoices organized.
  • Improve communication between your teams and your services providers in order to enhance the quality and precision of your repairs. Clear communication is the key to providing transparency to your customers. If everyone is on the same page, your repairs will be quicker and more effective.




Use E-ticket’s Statement of Fixtures feature to:

  • Keep a detailed listed of what equipment or space has been rented out to which client
  • Take pictures and add them to your statement of fixtures to provide photo proof of conditions
  • Cut down on your repair bills and out of pocket expenses


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